The Leading Voices in Virtual Health

The Partnership’s Strategy

We bring together likeminded stakeholders to press Congress and the Administration to adopt mutually agreed upon changes through a series of legislative and regulatory actions.

This work will include:

  • Assessing the legal and regulatory landscape to develop credible policy positions;

  • Harnessing data from PAVC participants and other sources to support policy positions;
  • Preparing advocacy materials, including white papers and legislative and regulatory proposals;
  • Identifying and engaging Members of Congress to champion legislative changes and engaging Administration officials to embrace regulatory changes;
  • Creating “surround sound” in Washington, DC, by engaging other stakeholder groups including likeminded associations, in this work.

Current Composition

PAVC is currently composed of health systems, health IT vendors, innovators, chronic care specialists, and primary care stakeholders. Each of the current participants in PAVC has a leading voice in virtual health and resounding influence in Washington, DC. With such a diverse group of participants, PAVC is equipped to evaluate complex considerations, such as maintaining quality and access to care when expanding virtual health services and produce sound policy solutions based on robust data analytics.

Better Medicare Alliance
Hinge Health
Dr+ On Demand
Kivo Health
University Hospitals
Mayo Clinic
Premise Health

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