December 11, 2020 – Doctor On Demand, a PAVC Partner, released two case studies demonstrating how virtual care can provide vital support for patients suffering from depression and provide needed management services for those with chronic diseases.

Doctor On Demand shows a significant reduction in symptoms of depression with virtual mental health care

Doctor On Demand study shows significant reductions in Cholesterol & Hemoglobin A1C levels — using virtual care providers

Doctor On Demand improves health through compassionate care and innovation. The lack of access to affordable primary care and behavioral healthcare is a large and growing problem. Everyone should have unburdened and affordable access to a board-certified doctor, whenever and wherever needed. We are committed to improving how, when, and where patients receive quality primary care and behavioral health services. Doctor On Demand puts the patient first, enabling long-term patient-doctor relationships in attentive environments like their home, and providing families with peace of mind through fully-integrated mind and body care.