May 26, 2021 – Pre-pandemic telehealth was already transforming care delivery in the U.S. Our PAVC Partner, the Mayo Clinic, conducted a health economic analysis of telemedicine visits for postoperative video follow-ups. The primary purpose of the study was to estimate potential cost savings to patients with video telemedicine follow-up visits in the home compared with face-to-face follow-up in a standard clinic setting.

On average patients saved $888 per visit in travel and missed-work costs and the telehealth modality of follow-up care improved patient rating of quality of care provided. More specifically, patients residing more than 1,635 miles round trip from clinic saved an estimated $1,501 per visit and patients not needing accommodation still saved an estimated $256 per visit. Providing follow-up care for patients via telemedicine improved follow-up visit rates and provided additional convenience for patients.

Mayo Clinic Study: Health Economic Analysis of Telemedicine Visits