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Partnership to Advance Virtual Care Welcomes Rachel Stauffer as Executive Director

April 12, 2022 – The Partnership to Advance Virtual Care (PAVC), an advocacy coalition committed to advancing telehealth policy, announces that Rachel Stauffer has returned to the organization as executive director. Stauffer cofounded PAVC in January 2021 and is now returning to lead the coalition’s efforts to advocate for the permanent extension of Medicare coverage [...]

PAVC Joins 20 Other Telehealth Advocacy Organizations Supporting Access to Tele-Mental Health Services

June 15, 2021 – The Partnership to Advance Virtual Care (the “Partnership”) joined 20 other organizations in support of legislation to eliminate in-person requirements for mental health services furnished via telehealth. “Over the pandemic, we’ve seen an increased need for telehealth services whether it’s for substance use disorders, physical ailments or mental health issues. Medicare [...]

PAVC Joining Coalition Supporting Broadband Expansion

May 24, 2021 – The Partnership to Advance Virtual Care (the “Partnership”) has joined more than 40 leading civil rights organizations, consumer groups, and private sector leaders in the formation of a new coalition to ensure that all Americans, no matter where they live or how much money they make, are connected to the internet. [...]

Telehealth Reducing Patient Costs for Postoperative Follow-up Visits

May 26, 2021 – Pre-pandemic telehealth was already transforming care delivery in the U.S. Our PAVC Partner, the Mayo Clinic, conducted a health economic analysis of telemedicine visits for postoperative video follow-ups. The primary purpose of the study was to estimate potential cost savings to patients with video telemedicine follow-up visits in the home compared [...]

Doctor On Demand Shares Studies Demonstrating Improvements in Chronic Disease Management and Depression Using Virtual Care

December 11, 2020 – Doctor On Demand, a PAVC Partner, released two case studies demonstrating how virtual care can provide vital support for patients suffering from depression and provide needed management services for those with chronic diseases. Case Study: Reducing Depression Symptoms with Virtual Care Doctor On Demand shows a significant reduction in symptoms [...]

PAVC Partner, 98point6, Held a Virtual Event Discussing the Expansion of Telehealth

November 11, 2020 – PAVC partner, 98point6, held a webinar to explain how making telehealth an excepted benefit under federal health benefits would expand to enable millions of Americans to access this critical form of care. Panelists Included: Brad Younggren, Chief Medical Officer, 98point6 Tori Lallemont, General Counsel, 98point6 Melanie Curtice, Associate General Counsel, 98point6

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